Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm

The Trout and Salmon farm allows visitors to feed the fish and a number of ponds have been set aside where you can catch your own breakfast, lunch or dinner. After making your catch the friendly staff will clean them ready for the pan. Guided tours of the farm for groups are available but bookings should be made in advance to ensure availablity of the guides.

A picnic shelter is available for those wishing to sit & relax and just watch the fishermen try their luck. Bring your salad, catch your fish, cook it on your BBQ and make a day of it.

You can also purchase  prepared fish products including smoked trout pate, trout sausages, smoked salmon mousse, smoked salmon, smoked trout, as well as fresh salmon and trout.

Salmon Farming Salmon are fish which live in both salt and fresh water. In the wild they are born in fresh water streams; they migrate to the ocean where they spend most of their life before swimming back up their birth streams to spawn. In our salmon farming operation salmon fry are raised on our Harrietville farm before shipping to sea pens where they are raised to maturity.