Time and Place 2

Friday 19 September 2014


19th September to 4th November 2014

Bright Art Gallery looks forward to another spectacular exhibition of Aboriginal art never before seen in North East Victoria. Works have been selected from the very best of the Dreamtime Lo Spirito Dell'Arte Aborigena exhibition shown in Italy in 2011. This exhibition was the largest and most diversified exhibition of Indigenous art ever shown overseas.

The artworks included in Time and Place 2 have been described by the Koori Heritage Trust and the Australian Museum as:

- Modern aboriginal art representative of many regions and styles
- Cutting edge art that represents traditional stories expressed in a contemporary style
- Art that includes established artists as well as urban artists breaking new ground in their interpretation of their culture.

Artists include Mary McLean, Eunice Napangardi, Djambu Barra Barra (who combines cross-hatching with modern acrylics), and Billy Doolan whose unique stories and style has become familiar to many in Bright. Billy was visiting artist during the Autumn Show and plans on coming again to Bright in Spring.
Like the first 'Time and Place' exhibition held three years ago, several Aboriginal communities are supporting the exhibition and providing works for sale at very affordable prices.