Bright Autumn Festival

Friday 28 April 2017
Saturday 29 April 2017
Sunday 30 April 2017
Monday 1 May 2017
Tuesday 2 May 2017
Wednesday 3 May 2017
Thursday 4 May 2017
Friday 5 May 2017
Saturday 6 May 2017
Sunday 7 May 2017
The Bright Autumn Festival is a ten day celebration of the wonderful autumn colours and autumn produce of the valleys of Victoria's Alpine High Country. It takes place at the end of April, running through to early May. The highlight is the Gala Weekend with a market, music in the streets and a parade. 

The program for the event is posted on the website above at the beginning of February each year. The previous year's program shows until this time and is a good indication of the types of activities and tours that occur. 

Highlights include the Wandiligong Nut Festival, open gardens, a bush dance at the Bright Brewery and an Instameet.